Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Breaking Dawn the Movie

The Twilight Saga series created an impeccable success. It has its unique way to edify the readers of the book and the watchers of the movie. As the twilight Saga series focuses more on the suspenseful romance love story of Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) and Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart), it created an alacrity to ask for more and was loved by many world wide.

Breaking Dawn the movie is a reference to Bella’s new beginning, her life as one of Edward’s kind – a vampire. You can’t deny the fact that Twilight series is a phenomenon that fanatics around the globe can’t wait for their favorite character to come into life in big screens.

2005, when the first book entitled Twilight was published. Three years later it became a big blockbuster movie. It gained millions of profit world wide. It was an undeniable success that it even received an award like MTV Best Movie of 2009. Actors and actresses of the movie also gained some recognition. It just indicates that the movie was really a great success. A year after the first book was shown in theaters, the second book also created history. Important highlights happened on this second movie. To name few, the unexpected break up of Bella Swan and Edward Cullen and Team Jacob’s favorite was Jacob Black’s transformation into a werewolf.

Few more days and the book three of the Twilight series entitled Eclipse will once more hit the big screen. Twilight fanatics are surely waiting for this. Bella Swan will be in danger again because of Victoria’s evil plan. Her revenge for her partner named James. As you can remember, James was killed by Edward in the first movie because Bella’s life was in danger.

Breaking Dawn the movie will be the next in line. It was confirmed that it will be produce under Summit Entertainment. The production staff and the author of the book are already collaborating and planned to divide the last book into two parts. Approximately, November of 2011, the first part of the novel’s finale will be finished and will be showing in theaters around the globe. It will be a glib success and that’s for sure.

Breaking Dawn the movie will once again engender history. It is truly exciting to watch the finale of the novel, especially if it ends up happily ever after. Breaking Dawn the movie is a piece of art beautifully done by Stephenie Meyer. It is expected to be once again a blockbuster movie. The production staffs, actors, actresses and the director of the project are giving their best to give entertainment and to not fail the expectations of many. Breaking Dawn the movie has exacting plot and climax. Mysteries and secrets to be unfold. Twist that will come your way, you would probably wonder who is Jacob’s partner? What will happen to Bella after she gets pregnant? What name will Edward and Bella give to their baby? Well, these questions will be answered in the fourth book. But isn’t it nice if you’ll just watch the movie instead? Waiting for Breaking Dawn the movie is not a waste of time. Somehow, wonderful things happen on the right time.

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