Friday, July 9, 2010

Breaking Dawn: the movie

Breaking Dawn the Movie is an adaptation of the Twilight Series Novels written by Stephanie Meyer. It is the fourth and last book of the sequel. All the other books that consists the Twilight Series Novels have been presented in the big screen too and are all blockbusters. The three book sequels made into movies are Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse. They were all a great success.

Breaking Dawn the Movie is yet to be released. Its release date is on November 16, 2011 by Summit Entertainment. Breaking Dawn the Movie is currently in progress but its success is already anticipated by all the people who have seen the movie series from the start of it.

Breaking Dawn the Movie is the continuation of the three movie sequels adapted from the book. The movie revolves on the life of Bella and Edward as a new married couple experiencing things for the very first time. Surprising and exciting things happen at most parts of the story and the audience will really be moved by the scenes. I am so much looking forward to watch this and I know that everyone is as well. I am also expecting this to be the best sequel among the four because this is the final turn of events. Its release date is a year ahead of us but yet everyone is already anticipating outcomes. I’m pretty much sure they’re all good anticipations.

Breaking Dawn the Movie has still the same cast of actors and actresses. There are only a few changes of the movie casting. Kristin Stewart still plays Bella Swan and Robert Pattinson is still Edward Cullen. Just as Taylor Lautner is still Jacob Black. Catherine Hardwicke will still be the movie director. The cast are the perfect actors for their role and it could be assumed that part of the success of the movie sequel is the cast themselves. They played their part really well and depicted the very image of the characters in the book. It was easier for the group of audience who has both read the book and seen the three movie sequels to relate to the people and the emotion because of the very close resemblance. Another reason why Breaking Dawn the Movie would be another blockbuster is because being the final sequel, anyone who has watched the first and second and third sequel will be thrilled to know of the events that might turnout in the last one. Certainly, this will be a very successful movie because this was preceded by three very successful ones.

Breaking Dawn the Movie is the beginning of the life of Bella Swan as one of the Cullens-a vampire. With the book being action packed and full of suspenseful events, I couldn’t see any reason why the audience will be disappointed and I am positive that the Twilight fanatics would be very excited to be at the movie’s premiere. They will all be delighted as well because I am also sure they wouldn’t be disappointed. This will be another great event on the history of Twilight sensation.

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